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Images taken within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, bordering both Tennessee and North Carolina
"Smoky Mountains", Tennessee, "Middle Prong"ID #987 - Troll BridgeID #1038 - Troll BridgeID #1087 - Middle Prong, TremontID #1080 - Little River"Old Methodist Church", "cades cove", "Smoky Mountains", TennesseeID #1592 - View from Clingman's DomeID #1602 - View from Clingman's Dome"Great Smoky Mountains National Park", "Little River", Townsend, Tennessee, Hasselblad, H4D-50"Morton's Overlook", "Great Smoky Mountains National Park", "Newfound Gap", "Tennessee"ID #448 - Fog at Chimney Tops"Laurel Creek Road", "Great Smoky Mountains National Park""Middle Prong", "Great Smoky Mountains National Park", "Tremont, Tennessee""Porter's Creek", Greenbrier, "Great Smoky Mountains National Park", Tennessee, GatlinburgID #227 - Middle Prong...ID #60.7 - Roaring Fork CreekID #60.9 - Roaring Fork CreekID #434 -  Thompson's Range

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