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ID #81 - Pickin'

ID #81 - Pickin'

This is a self-portrait of me and my Yamaha flat top. They say that if you live in Nashville, you're either a State employee, or a musician. Pretty true. I'm both.
I set this up in my living room - placed my guitar on a dark table about the height where it should be to be played. I clamped the end of the neck to a light stand, then set up one strobe in a Chimera soft box, perpendicular to the guitar. The power pack was placed underneath the table. With all lights on, I composed the guitar, and focused with my field 4x5 using pretty much swing to bring the entire instrument into focus. I shot a few Polaroids for confirmation.
Once satisfied, and a few practice runs with me getting behind the guitar, I extinguished all the lights, including the strobe's modeling light, fumbled my way to the tripod mounted camera/lens, locked the lens open, then re-fumbled my way around to the back of the guitar, put my hands in place (I'm fingering a D major chord on the top four strings), and tripped the strobe under the table with my foot.

Zone VI 4x5 (Light Cherry w/10k gold trim - it's the most aesthetically beautiful camera I've ever owned, or seen)
Nikkor 90/5.6
T-Max 400 scanned commercially
Novatron 400 WS powerpack, one strobe
Chimera 24x32 softbox
Minolta Flash Meter IV
Old Gitzo tripod